The Third Eight

by Benita Staadecker

Tom Donahue

Tom Donahue

What are you talking about you may ask? Well, everyone knows that we each get 24 hours every day. The question is what do you do with them. Let’s divide the day into three 8 hour segments: 8 hours to sleep (very important); 8 hours to work or play (after all we do live in Naples); and now we have the THIRD 8…what to do with all that time?

Tom Donahue, General Manager of Shula’s Restaurant and Director of Food and Beverage for the Hilton, Naples is a good example of the THIRD 8. Currently he serves as Chair of the Board of United Way of Collier County where he has also lent his time and talent to serve as Campaign Chair and a member of the Walk Committee. In addition he served on the Make-a- Wish Foundation President’s Council and in 2013 he was a member of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce Leadership Collier Class. Being a veteran, Tom also devotes his time to veterans’ causes, serving as an Honor Flight Guardian and an American Military Veterans Education Fund Cabinet Member for Hodges University.

You may be thinking, well…I don’t have any time to volunteer, but with Tom as an example, maybe you do. While Tom gives invaluable time to United Way as Board Chair he is also responsible for making connections with United Way in mind. You may have attended the Craving Fashion event at Waterside Shops and purchased a “drink wristband” at the event. The money raised from the sale of the wristbands went directly to United shulasWay of Collier County. That was Tom’s idea. The time involved may have been small but the execution was HUGE. You might be able to suggest an idea to an organization that could have equally beneficial results.

And everyone has something they can offer to the community they live in. We are very fortunate to live in Naples and enjoy the magnificence of our environment. Everyone has some time, talent or treasure to share and hopefully you will give some thought to sharing part of your THIRD 8 with United Way of Collier County.

And now the best part…here is the direct number to call to volunteer your THIRD 8 for United Way…239.261.7112. A very grateful staff member will answer the call and help guide you to the right fit for the time you have available.

And, if you’ve read this far, here’s another benefit. Volunteering can lead to joy and happiness and who doesn’t need more of that in any hour of the day.

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