The Snitch

With the recent publication of her new novel, Lacey King can add another skill to her résumé: novelist. Although her novel, THE SNITCH: An Agent without a Badge, is published as fiction, it is actually a true story; but it is not her story, which begs to be written. “Perhaps that will be my next book”, she normally answers when asked when
she will write a memoir of her career in the Diplomatic Corps of the United States Department of State. With a little prompting, she pours forth exotic and interesting stories and experiences that happened in the countries where she served at American embassies, including Germany, Pakistan, France, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, as well as a stint in the Sinai Desert to write the history of the 1979 Peace Treaty  between  Egypt and Israel. Her stories are testimonials to her fearlessness, adventurous spirit and inquisitive mind.

Upon retiring to Naples in 1995, the time seemed right to pursue her passion for writing. She began by ghostwriting memoirs for clients. As she became more engaged in her new community after participating
in the Greater Naples Leadership program, she utilized her writing talent and public relations skills to promote the charities in which she was invested, mainly Hope for Haiti and The Shelter for Abused Women and Children, as well as serving on their boards and chairing fundraising events. She has also served on the boards of the Culinary and Hospitality Education Foundation (CHEF), founded to provide scholarships to students who want to serve in the hospitality industry, and “StayInMay” (formerly Arts Naples World Festival), an art and music festival designed to extend the social season in Naples into May.

The year 2018 has been an exciting one for Lacey King, beginning in April with her marriage to Dr. Alan Goodridge, and continuing into the Fall with the launching of her first novel. However, writing is not Lacey’s only passion. She enjoys entertaining and cooking ethnic dinners in her home and frequenting fine dining restaurants in Naples. Her love of fine dining was borne out of her connection with Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an international gourmet society founded in 1248 and headquartered in Paris. This premier gastronomic organization has transformed over the centuries from a goose-roasters guild during the reign of King Louis IX to a modern day society of 25,000 members worldwide. Lacey served as Bailli (president) of the
Naples Bailliage (chapter) for six years. She now represents the United States Chaîne as an Ambassador when she visits international Chaîne chapitres in foreign countries.

Her marriage to Alan Goodridge is more than just a union between husband and wife. Alan brought along an impressive wine collection which is the perfect marriage to the foods she prepares. Alan, a university professor, pursued his quest for knowledge of wines as ardently as his pursuit of his career in research and teaching of
biochemistry to medical students in several major U.S. universities. They share the same interests in travel and love of fine dining and great wines. You may already have guessed that they met when they sat next to each
other at a Naples Chaîne luncheon. If Lacey does eventually write her personal memoir, the story of their romance and storybook wedding on the Naples Princess by Naples Mayor Bill Barnett will be a headliner.

THE SNITCH is the story of a kidnap-murder crime by a career criminal who works undercover as a snitch for the FBI, which allows the crimes to happen in hopes of catching the criminals in the act, and the resulting trial which takes place in 1976 in Ohio. As the book unfolds, so does the conspiracy by the FBI, revealing an underlying ruthlessness of doing whatever it takes to cover up their involvement in this crime.

The main character, besides the career criminal who is on trial for his life, is the defense attorney, who in real life is Laurence Sturtz, co-author of the book. Laurence is a renowned Ohio trial attorney in the areas of constitutional, criminal, and corporate law. During his career, he presented five cases to the United States Supreme Court, two of them before his thirty-fifth birthday. He was handpicked by the presiding judge in this trial because he needed an attorney with an impressive national reputation who could stand firm against the mighty forces of the FBI. The judge also told him that one day this case would make a great movie. Laurence searched for years for someone to put his story on paper and was led to Lacey King through a mutual friend.

The book is available on and in both print and eBook formats. Watch for several scheduled book signings in Naples throughout the next few months.

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