Diana Jarrett shares Chalcedony Charm


Creative jewelry artisans draw inspiration from nature and myriad other sources they encounter on their journey. Sometimes it’s a certain stone that causes a designer to stop and take a closer look. And that’s exactly what happened with jewelry artist Mia Katrin of Jewel Couture LLC.

Who Likes Blue?
Blue chalcedony is a designer’s darling. The microcrystalline natural stone is discovered throughout the world, often in delightful colors. In its various countries of origin, one may find white, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, brown, pink, purple, gray, or even black. But the blue—in particular the lively cobalt hue is a gem lover’s favorite.

The bright blue variety of chalcedony is perennially one of the most desirable colors and also some of the priciest in this gemstone variety. Attractive blue chalcedony can be found in India, but connoisseurs swear by the quality material coming out of Malawi and Namibia.

Stay Right Where You Are
If you’re not headed in that direction soon, don’t despair. You might be in luck with one of Katrin’s newer necklaces from her stunning Statement Collection. Katrin confesses, “I’ve always loved chalcedony, especially the blue color. It’s kind of soft and dreamy but also very intense and vibrant.” The stunning blue chalcedony neckpiece from her Statement Collection is bold and feminine at the same time—not an easy task. But there is something about the easy elegance of pairing vibrant blue chalcedony with complementary gems
like moonstone that establishes its effortless style. “I like the juxtaposition of the raw natural nuggets of my blue chalcedony in harmony with moonstone, sterling nuggets and sapphires in the same piece,” she points out.

Looks Good on You
Today’s tastemakers—and that certainly includes the Naples woman, live elegantly against the casual backdrop on the Gulf Coast in Southwest Florida. Katrin’s Statement Collection necklace with its high polish and its classic structure delivers an unselfconscious sophistication to a Naples woman’s style. “It certainly is very on-trend in today’s high-end designer jewelry niche,” she points out. That just about sums up the women about town in Naples, doesn’t it?

Blue Chalcendony, Moonstone& sapphire Necklace from Statement Collection; courtesy Mia Katrin, Jewel Couture

Contact Diana Jarrett at diana@dianajarrett.com and read color-n-ice.blogspot.com or  www.dianajarrett.com

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