by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…except Mom!

Mom is busily prepping up a storm in her newly remodeled kitchen so that her family can have the best Christmas holiday ever.

You see, this is the first time that Mom has been able to use her new 48” range with the dual ovens below for a family dinner. She is looking forward to using the six burners and single griddle on the new range which will allow her to cook so much more and all at the same time.

Neatly nestled in its own appliance cabinet is her new Steam Oven. If she squealed she would be squealing with delight over her choices of use with the Steam Oven which can bake, roast, convection cook, steam or simply re-heat whatever she needs.

Even with all that cooking power Mom is going to need to warm some things up to just the right temperature before serving her drooling family the magnificent feast that she has prepared for us and, apparently, the entire state of Florida.

She’ll use the Steam Oven, which has already all but replaced the microwave in her kitchen for everyday use, to do that chore as well. But even still a microwave does have it uses so Mom had a drawer (style) Microwave installed which delights her as she no longer must reach over the hot stove to use it. And although Mom can surely reach me if I deserve a good whack she doesn’t want to reach for much else if it can be helped.

That brings me to the rest of the kitchen that she had done in just the right color, style and texture to please her for many years to come. She also had all the conveniences of modern-day storage put into the cabinetry. No longer will she have to sift through the silverware drawer to find just the right tool. Her pots and pans simply roll out to her and the lids are already on each one. She doesn’t have to look for the baking sheet as they are lined up neatly for easy use. And of course, there is much more.

So, on this holiday season we at Kitchens by Clay would like to wish you and yours a happy family holiday and a healthy and prosperous New Year. And yes, Virginia there is a Santa Clause. Just ask Mom.

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Enjoy your remodel,

Clay Cox

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