The Kitchen Domino Theory

by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

These are just some of the reasons people purchase new kitchens.

  • I can’t listen to that faucet drip any longer.
  • Honey, who scratched the sink?
  • I’ve always wanted a hot water dispenser.
  • Darn dishwasher kicked the bucket.
  • I can’t take these pink cabinets any longer!
  • If I hit my head on that hood one more time…
  • Do you really expect me to cook with only three burners?
  • Oh boy, there goes the refrigerator!!!
  • If this drawer falls out again, I’m going to scream.
  • There are too many glass doors on my cabinets.
  • There are too few glass doors on my cabinets.
  • No vacation again this year so we can afford a new kitchen.
  • I love my college grads, but they’re baaaack!
  • With all the arches in this house we need arches on the cabinet doors too. (Huh?)
  • The new puppy tells us we need a more durable floor.
  • Why in goodness name did they put this bar top in my kitchen?
  • What is that funny noise coming from the garbage disposal?
  • Mom and dad are back. Again!
  • I sure wish we had an island like everyone else.
  • The ceiling is so high we need taller cabinets that we’ll never use.
  • The Simpletons had theirs done.
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Enjoy your home!
Clay Cox

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