The Art of Reinvention

I like the idea of ‘reinvention’ – it is a hopeful word that reminds us when we feel the need for change the opportunity to redirect our lives down a different path is always available to us.

For creative souls, the need for reinvention springs from a desire to constantly explore new ways to express ourselves. Sometimes a simple change of color palette can do the trick, other times we might change mediums, from sculpting to painting, 3D to 2D, or realism to abstract. It feels good to challenge ourselves artistically and push that creative envelope to new heights.

COVID-19 has become that ‘go to’ reason for many of us to look at our lives and see what we can do differently that will bring about some desired change. Laurél Schmid, a member of the Naples Art District now for several years, is on a path to reinvention, even if not quite sure what her end result will be.

Laurél, primarily known for her abstract seascapes, draws inspiration from years living in the Cayman Islands. In search of something to take her down a different path she signed up for two of Cat Tesla and Julie Schumer’s online courses – “Boldly Abstract” and “The Business of Art”, and also “Loosening Up – Abstract Seascapes” taught by Monique Carr. Laurél says “diving into these classes in order to explore new avenues has been invigorating and inspirational”, and she is excited to keep exploring how to add these new techniques into her work. While contemplating the decision of whether to take the business course or not, a good point was made: “you can keep doing the same thing you have been doing, OR you can try something new!” Reinvention requires taking some action, and these new things that Laurél embraced have made getting into her studio and creating again so much more rewarding.

Jan Edwards, of MUSEBOX ARTS, is a new member in the Naples Art District. Her studio on Shirley Street in ‘The Artists’ Alley’ is being completely remodeled but should be up and running soon. Her varied background encompasses retail advertising in fashion and entertainment, working as an illustrator, running one of the largest metal building materials companies in the country (EDCO Products), and a successful career as a songwriter out of Nashville. She envisions MUSEBOX ARTS to be her personal art studio, gallery, and private sanctuary to write songs. Occasionally there may be musicians visiting from Nashville for songwriting workshops, and invited artists that will exhibit in
curated shows.

Even with this diverse background of experiences, Jan has felt the desire to get creative in different ways and took up painting just a few years ago. Previous to putting brush to canvas she dabbled in bronze casting, mono-printing and watercolor. Her recent canvas works show off her colorful and expressive personality and seeing this chapter of her life on display when her space is open will be a treat for everyone!

What are you doing to expand your horizons and add new things to your life? Check out the Naples Art District and meet our artists during one of our open house events, or just drop in when you’re in the area. Perhaps a visit to a working studio and chatting with our artists will be just the inspiration you need to start down the path of reinvention. It’s never too late!

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Cynthia Adams is the past president of the Naples Art District, and artist owner with her husband Steve, of casa | art | studio on Shirley Street. Visit for more information!

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