Marching On! Congressman Byron Donalds

Following an unprecedented January and February, my hope is that we as a nation see a calm and quiet March. At the end of January, I was appointed to three committees to serve on during the 117th Congress. For the next two years, I have the pleasure to serve on the House Budget Committee, House Committee on Small Business, and House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

“The opportunity to serve my constituents on these three committees is a tremendous honor, and I look forward to continuing to champion common sense, fiscally sound, and conservative ideals during this Congress. I have built my career working in finance and banking industries, which allows me to serve these committees well and utilize my years of experience when making critical decisions.”

February was spent focusing on the rich and cultural history of Black Americans during Black History Month. As only one of two African American Republicans serving in the United States Congress, I recognize the importance of my role. “Black History Month is a time when our nation comes together to reflect on the Black community’s immense contributions to our country’s storied history. The promise of America is my life’s story- born into inner-city Brooklyn, the son of a single mother, to being elected to the most powerful legislative body in the world.” In a time where this is such racial and political tension in this country, I aim to be a voice of reason and unity among such division. I aim to be a voice that spreads the message of liberty, economic freedom, educational opportunity across, and the foundational ideals of conservatism
across America.

As we move into March, I’d like to recognize Women’s History Month. Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by strong, independent women: my grandmother, my mother, my sister, and my wife. These women changed my life and I’m grateful for their passions, their strength, and their resilience.

Byron Donalds

As we continue into the 117th Congress, please stay tuned for official announcements, legislative updates, and more. You can sign up for my Congressional newsletter:


Collier County Office
3299 Tamiami Trail East • Suite 105
Naples, FL 34112
Phone: 239.252.6225

Washington, DC Office
523 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202.225.2536                                                                            

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