by Paula Allia PT, DHSc, MTC, OCS

by Paula Allia PT, DHSc, MTC, OCS

What if I was to tell you that most of the arthritis in your body was caused by you? Would this be something that you would take the responsibility for or would you just blame it on normal wear and tear? Some may even blame it on genetics. Why is it then that some people can be runners or very active their whole lives and have minimal or no arthritis?

These are questions that each of you should ask yourselves. In actuality, it is your posture and a combination of faulty joint mechanics, inadequate neuromuscular coordination and movement impairments that over time break your body down and subject you to pain and dysfunction.

It is time to take action and try and stop the advancement of potential problems. First, take a look at your posture both at rest and in activities. Secondly, recognize how your body reacts to activity and if there is any discomfort with activity or positioning. Lastly, do something about it to delay continued joint stresses and long-term breakdown. If you want quality in your life this is one way to help yourselves!

No matter what physical pain you may already experience from your muscles and joints, there are steps that can be taken to allow you to function with less stress and strain and ultimately less pain but you have to put in the effort.

Poor posture is usually the result of asymmetries. Some muscles become tight while others become lengthening and weak. Ligaments may also be overstretched and if so, they are unable to support the joint properly. Abnormal positioning occurs, the weak muscles cannot perform their jobs adequately so the tight muscles are able to stay tight. The longer this stays imbalanced, the harder it is to reverse the faulty posture. The wear and tear can break down the involved joints and anatomic limitations rule.

Each day joints that are abnormally compressed can make transformational changes and or develop bone spurs or if two surfaces are abnormally rubbing together the involved bones start to breakdown. The bones shiny smooth surfaces now start to show signs of erosion. Bone on bone with movement is a viscous cycle. Stop the cycle from progressing before it is too late.

Most people that experience pain look for quick fixes. Many are on arthritis medicine or pain and inflammation reducers. These may temporarily help you but if you do not address the cause of the breakdowns the joints will just continue to break down.

There are times where people realize that if they lost weight their joints would hurt less. Others realize that activity is good while others still say they cannot exercise because they hurt more. Still, address the cause!

Where do you begin? Take the time to observe your posture and recognize your positioning when you are feeling discomfort. Think back to what you were doing before you felt the discomfort. It can be anything static or dynamic so sensitize yourself and become self-aware.

Take the opportunity to be proactive if you can before you need to be reactive! At Fitness Together in downtown Naples 239.263.9348, we address muscular imbalances and try and educate you to make the necessary changes to age more gracefully. Take the step to come in if you have issues and be evaluated by an experienced physical therapist that specializes in orthopedics and movement imbalances. You can be taught things to do at home to help yourself.

Look for futures articles that will address various faults in our body and become self-aware.

To Your Health!

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