Summer Learning

Dr. Kamela Patton
Superintendent of Schools

During the school year, children progress along a learning journey and grow in terms of knowledge and skills. However, when summer break comes along, the formal learning process often ends, and a number of students, especially those from lower-income homes, begin to show learning losses.

These students often score lower unstandardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the very same tests at the beginning of summer vacation.

Providing enriching experiences during the summer can help in halting the “summer slide” upon return to school in the fall. We know that to succeed in school and in life, all children and young adults need ongoing opportunities to learn and to practice essential skills. This is especially true during the summer months.

Summer vacation is quickly approaching, and many parents and caring adults wonder what they can do to help children continue to progress and maximize learning for the coming school year.

A great strategy for all children and families is to read, read and read some more! There is a plethora of resources devoted to strengthening literacy skills year-round and over the summer is a wonderful time to catch up on some incredible titles.

The Florida Department of Education has compiled daily suggested activities during the summer months to support children’s learning along with reading tips for parents (

Some of the fun suggestions include planting flower seeds and creating a chart to map growth or playing games after reading the directions together.

Each year, Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) updates an online summer resource entitled Keep Learning Alive! Children at all levels of schooling will continue to have access to web-based instructional resources used during the school year, even when school is closed.

The resource is compiled by the district’s curriculum and instruction team for parents, grandparents, community members and caregivers to assist students to keep learning alive each summer!

Additionally, there are fantastic programs and events offered through the Collier County Public Library System, Collier County Parks and Recreation, the Collier County Sheriff Office and many more!

Various camps and programs, offered by community organizations, can be found through the Virtual Flyers system on the CCPS website (

CCPS will also be offering a variety of summer programs for eligible students. Some children at the elementary level need greater support to master standards not achieved during the school year.

Students at middle and high school may need to recover courses or prepare for a retake opportunity on a state assessment.

Additionally, Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten in the summer or Extended School Year for eligible students with disabilities are popular offerings.

CCPS offers a full complement of summer school programs across the district. The programs for students currently enrolled in CCPS are based on eligibility and school principals are glad to answer any questions regarding criteria, locations, dates and times.

An exciting new offering this year at the elementary level is STEAM Camp! Furthering student learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) continues to be a priority in CCPS, as we prepare today’s learners to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Select Title I schools will host highly engaging summer sessions with a focus on robotics, coding and hands-on experiences. Students will even learn how to build a basic computer using a Kano kit!

More information will be shared in the near future with eligible students and families.

As you can see, there are many great opportunities to continue learning this summer. A shared community goal should be to further enrichment and exposure to literacy for all children. All parents and caring adults are encouraged to visit the CCPS website for updates on strategies to support student learning all year and to Keep Learning Alive! this summer.

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