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Clay Coxby Clay Cox

I’ve been designing, selling and installing custom kitchens in Naples for 22 years now and I still learn something new every day. Some of what I learn is from research; some is from my interaction with clients. By following their dreams and wishes I am consistently being presented with something new and innovative.

I also have the privilege of working with very talented designers, builders, contractors, and developers who always seem to have something exciting going on and are very skilled at what the latest trends are. One of the latest is the “scullery kitchen.” Until a very short time ago I had
not heard scullery kitchen referenced as such and now I use the term daily.

When researching the scullery kitchen it turns out to be a very old term for “a room in a house traditionally used for washing up dishes and laundering or as an overflow kitchen when the main kitchen is overloaded.” It also mentioned a “place for boiling water for bathing” – thank goodness those days are gone.

sculleyr kitchenMy wife Kelly and I just finished building our new home and we decided to add what is basically an extra kitchen to our laundry room. Or did we add a laundry room to our extra kitchen? (I’m not sure if it was the chicken or the egg that came first.) This space is just behind our “formal” kitchen and is accessed by two decorative swinging doors on either side. It contains a surplus of cabinetry, roll-outs, open shelving and, as mentioned, a laundry area. The purpose in our minds was to have a place for scrubbing and storing large pots and pans, a special out-of –the-way area for small appliances as well as an extra refrigerator for entertaining.

The design turned out fantastic and has exceeded our expectations already. How did we ever live without it? This is a home run!

I am excited to continue to use this concept with our future clients and the discovery of the name “scullery kitchen.” I told you I learn something new every day.
Enjoy your remodel,
Clay Cox
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