Spring and Summer Herald Change by Svetlana Kogan, M.D.

Many of our readers hail from where the four seasons of the year can be very distinct. And who does not like
spring or summer?

They herald the coming of rebirth, rejuvenation, and revival. This theme permeates religious holidays of the season and awakens the hearts of people around the globe. Here, in Florida – our bodies sense the coming of spring in the many subtle expressions of Nature around us: the locations of the sunrise and sunset shift, nights get less humid, and strawberries taste amazing.

Spring and Summer are also great seasons to start changing your state of mind. It is almost as if Nature itself were helping you off to a fresh new start. Changing your old habits is never easy. First, it would help to identify several character or physical traits you would like to change about yourself. Say, for example, you are an insecure person who tends to slouch and shuffle-walk. For most folks, this is the kind of stuff that has been incorporated into their personality since they were kids. Like a shy sullen child who may not have been very popular in school, grew up to be somewhat socially isolated, and prefers watching TV to going out with friends. He or she then progresses further to become a quiet and introverted employee who does not set out to impress anyone, has low expectations of himself, and feels guilty every time something does not go right at home or at work. This frame of mind may have been perpetuated by this person’s thinking and behaviors for decades.

So, let’s say that you have decided to become a different kind of person – you feel that a different you would be much happier. At this point, it is so important to realize that the real change cannot come from a new surgical body augmentation or a new hairstyle – it has to come from within you. In fact, the old you has to “die off ” figuratively speaking because it will always be in the way of your happiness. The old you has been molded for decades with thinking self-disparaging thoughts, feeling guilty and insecure.

Scientists discovered that a human being has anywhere between 60-80,000 thoughts in a day. 95% of these thoughts are the same ones over and over again. Furthermore, 80% of our thoughts are negative. Every time we feel emotions produced by negative thoughts – there is a biochemical cascade of molecules coursing through the body – creating corresponding feelings of disempowerment and shame. Every cell in your body – and there are over 50 trillion of them – gets to soak in those “juices” of insecurity. Cells make up tissues and tissues make up organs and we know from research that organs remember the emotions that you have felt at one time or another. In fact, if you speak to any organ recipients, they will tell you that they sometimes remember things that never happened to them but instead happened to the organ donors.

So, once you have experienced an emotion – your body has memorized it and now will try to match everything you come across against it. Let’s say that you have felt inadequate when your project at work went unnoticed and unappreciated by the management. Your body will subconsciously look for similar matching cues in future
situations you encounter.

If, for example, you go on a date and have a bad time – your body will immediately suggest that it is your failure. This is a vicious cycle and the only way to put an end to it is to be like Nature in the spring – to be reborn again as a personality. But it is very hard to just tell your old self to fall off like a wilted leaf. You see, civil conversation does not work with the old self.

If you imagine the old self as a computer program, you literally need to uninstall it first, and to do that you need to dive deep into your subconscious mind, where all the habits and personality traits have been developing over decades. The “transportation” which takes us into our subconscious comes in many flavors. It can be structured as meditation, or hypnosis, or a blend of both. The journey into your subconscious mind takes time and effort and you cannot do it on your own. Make sure to turn to experienced and responsible
physicians who will guide you through this process every step of the way. May all of you be inspired and motivated to experience the joys of spring and summer in your Mind-Body.

The author of ‘Diet Slave No More!’, Svetlana Kogan, MD is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine, Holistic & Functional Medical Doctor with 25 years of experience. Her website is CustomLongevity.com Office Phone: 239-676-6883

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