Soukup Strategic Solutions’ February webinar for Nonprofits

Soukup Strategic Solutions’ February webinar for nonprofits–

Unlocking Grant Success: A Guide to Organizational Readiness

 Soukup Strategic Solutions, Inc. will offer nonprofit organizations the opportunity to participate in an important webinar on Wednesday, February 21stat 2pm EST. A continuation of the 2024 series, each month features dynamic presenters covering topics in fundraising, marketing, AI, Nonprofit Leadership, and more.

From evaluating an organization’s readiness to establishing a strong foundation for grant success, this session offers practical insights and actionable strategies. Attendees will uncover the crucial elements that funders seek, master the art of crafting compelling narratives, and create a strategic plan to position their nonprofit organizations for optimal funding opportunities.

Boost your grant readiness, transitioning from the key takeaways of this webinar to securing the support your organization rightfully deserves.

Key takeaways from the webinar will cover:

Assessing Organizational Grant Readiness: Evaluating and determining the preparedness of an organization to apply for and successfully secure grants. This includes an examination of various factors such as organizational structure, capacity, resources, and alignment with grant requirements.

Building a Robust Foundation for Grant Success: The process of establishing a strong and solid groundwork that enhances the likelihood of success in obtaining grants. It encompasses activities such as strengthening organizational infrastructure, cultivating relationships with potential funders, and aligning organizational goals with the criteria set by grant providers.

Strategic Grant Planning and Implementation: The development and execution of a thoughtful and well-planned strategy for securing grants. This includes creating a roadmap that outlines goals, timelines, resource allocation, and specific actions to be taken in order to effectively pursue and implement a successful grant acquisition strategy.

February’s presenter will be Kim Hales, Director of Client Services for Soukup Strategic Solutions. Her passion, drive, and vision result in successful outcomes in generating revenue and increasing support bases for non-profit organizations. She specializes in working with nonprofit clients on High-End Event Planning, Grant Proposal Writing, Program Development, and Major Gift Solicitation. Ms. Hales is a career non-profit professional working to move organizations toward their funding goals and has consistently led fundraising efforts throughout her career and raised millions of dollars in the positions she served.

Soukup Strategic Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2012 by the company’s president, Sheryl Soukup, to provide nonprofit organizations with expertise in fundraising and nonprofit management.

This webinar is free to nonprofit organizations and their staff.

Please register online at visit for more information.

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