LIN Shulas couple photoAt Shula’s Naples, our signature steaks and seafood allow you to “Eat Like a Legend”, but our expansive and rare scotch and bourbon collection invite you to “Sip and Savor Like a Legend”! LIN Shulas whiskey glasses

With our rare and noteworthy Scotch offerings, that includes one of the largest collections of the rare and rich Macallan® aged from 12 to 30 years, specifically Reflexion. This whisky is a full-bodied single malt that draws its colour and flavour from the smaller hogshead casks which has a greater wood surface allowing it to interact more with the whisky. Its deep and rich mahogany tone is pulled directly from that cask, and infuses it with a mellow celebration of floral and vanilla notes. Meanwhile the underlying flavors of crisp apple and apricots linger on the palate to finish off smartly. Whether served straight, with a splash of water or with a custom Macallan® copper-pressed ice sphere, your experience will be legendary.

Shula’s is proud to have one of the broadest Macallan® Highland Park collections in the area. The Highland Park scotch 12 to 30 year age, is a rare find indeed, with some bottles having limited production of only 1000 bottles worldwide. In addition to the Macallan® whisky collection, we also offer a very notable collection of single malts from Speyside®, and Islay®, as well as blended scotches Blue, Platinum, and the out-of-production, King George V from Johnny Walker®.

From the rare to the refined, Shula’s offers some very select whiskey brands that have a long southern history, one that includes “Pappy Van Winkle™, the award winning high quality 10 and 12 year reserve offering named after Julian P. “Pappy” Van Winkle Sr., who started the four generation bourbon making tradition. Other offerings include the uncut and un-filtered bourbon George Stagg, which is aged for almost a full decade with cherry, clove and smoky notes that mingle brown sugar, chocolate and the bold spiciness of rye. Shuffling off to Buffalo Trace® Experimental White Dog Mash, which has a sweet aroma that coats your taste buds with oil and vanilla. Angel’s Envy is a straight bourbon whiskey that is finished in hand selected port wine casks, blended in small batches, and aged for up
to six years. The port barrels are imported directly from Portugal, which adds unique character. A few other southern favorites namely Eagle Rare™, Thomas H. Handy®, a New Orleans rye, and other small batch whiskeys from Colonel Taylor round out the extensive collection we are proud to offer to our patrons.

All of our bourbon, and scotch offerings in our collection are hand selected and in some cases, a rare find. So next time you find yourself craving a meal that fits your legendary appetite, don’t forget to step back a bit and sip and savor one of our legendary pours. Please visit for more information.

Shula’s Steak House At The Hilton Naples 5111 Tamiami Trail North | 239.430.4999

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