Round and Round

Erick Carter

Different round brushes should accomplish diferent results. In my 25 years of styling hair, I have seen people using round brushes, but the wrong way. In fact, I had a guest come into the salon with the brush stuck in her hair. Removing it can be a challenge even for a seasoned stylist to remove.

Before using a round brush, I first recommend removing tangles with a wet brush. A good wet brush will have a flexible pad and soft bristles.

Work the tangles out from the bottom up, NOT the top down. Most people work from the top down and pull and rip the tangles out. This will damage your hair!

After removing the tangles, apply your desired product, from mid-shaft to ends. If you’re looking for volume at the scalp, then apply a root lifter at the scalp and work through from scalp to ends. Prior to even picking up the round brush, especially on longer lengths, dry your hair gently, using your fingers as a comb, working the dryer throughout the thickness of your hair.

It is important to not dry against the grain of the cuticle. Once the hair is about 70% dry then start with a round brush. Doing so will help prevent or reduce tangles and pulling. Be creative, especially if you have layers.

Different sized round brushes will give you different size shapes and movement in your hair. A smaller brush on top can help add volume. Also, working the brush at different angles can allow for creativity in your style as well.

Good luck and have fun. By the way, have you tried argan oil? It will allow the brush to move more freely through the hair. In addition, it has added benefits – to nourish, hydrate and help protect your hair.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Erick Carter,

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