Restoring Hope & Driving Change

Jana Seaman is a wife, mother, survivor, overcomer, widow, and the designer of an incredible life after an unimaginable tragedy.

At thirty-two years old, she was left to raise her two daughters on her own after losing her first love, Jon, to leukemia. Jana’s world was completely shattered, but she refused to let her grief consume her and steal her life. She had two children to show up for, so she could not let grief win. Jana’s captivating story will take you from the last days at the bedside, standing and fighting alongside her first husband, to the extraordinary life she lives today.

Jana’s passion is to help people through the gap of transition going from where you find yourself today and arriving to the life you truly desire. If you have experienced a tragic loss, you have reached a spot of transition in your life. An important moment that defines who you will be as you step into your next chapter and determines the quality of how you will live the remainder of your days on this earth. Jana had to face her transition after losing her husband to a grueling fifteen month leukemia battle.

It was her moment and she had two choices. She could allow her sadness to consume her and let what happened to her family define their future or she could find purpose and significance for the next chapter of her family’s life. Jana developed systems, strategies, and playbooks as she went through her own real-life experience of the gap of transition. She now uses these systems and strategies to impact people across the country and lift people up from around the world. Jana is committed to doing whatever it takes to see her clients live a full life because she truly understands what it feels like to be in their shoes.

She strives to restore hope and drive change by teaching others how to honor their loss and pain, while challenging them to live into the best next chapter of their life. Jana will not allow limiting beliefs or fears to stand in the way of her clients’ potential and refuses to allow them to settle for less than the absolute best in the next phase of their life.

Jana claims what most would consider a ‘fairy-tale’ ending is yours for the taking. Her extraordinary life that she lives today is proof of what is possible after tragic loss and life transition. Jana is now happily remarried to Brent Seaman and together they have a crazy circus of six beautiful children growing up on the breathtaking beaches of Naples, Florida.

She is in love with the new life they have created together and wants to help others get the tools to build a life they love also.

Are you stuck in a gap of transition? Begin your journey with Jana and start designing the life you truly desire at

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