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Quality – Part 3 of 6

kitchen-decemberI once had a customer come into one of our Kitchens by Clay showrooms and say: “I would like to purchase cabinetry that has very low quality standards. The quality of the installation and customer service must be poor also. I am requesting this because I know I will get a much lower price point if I don’t expect top quality.”

Actually, this has never happened but it does illustrate a point. What does “Quality” mean to you and do you believe you need to sacrifice something to get it?

I think it is fair to say that we all want quality products at reasonable prices and I couldn’t agree more. Kitchens by Clay has built its reputation on supplying just that; superb quality products at reasonable prices. We know that a high quality product sets a standard that is easy to follow and drastically reduces issues with warranty problems and dissatisfied customers.

We also recognize that “Quality” applies to much more than our product offerings.

It begins with our showrooms. They are clean and organized with up-to-date products and designs. This term also applies to our staff and salespeople as well. We practice attentive and complete customer care and service so that we are seen as a “Quality” organization with “Quality” people. It is important that the project is monitored from conception to completion for the best results. Installation is the final piece that brings it all together and it must be of the highest caliber.

So when you find yourself looking for the right contractor for your project please be sure to hone in on the quality standards of those you are interviewing. Is the salesperson knowledgeable and to the point? Is the showroom shiny, clean, well-kept and organized?

Be sure to check references and find out if the final product lives up to the quality standard that you expect.

Remember, it doesn’t cost you more to purchase quality products and service. And no sacrifice is necessary!

The Kitchens by Clay team wishes all of you a beautiful, Blessed and delicious Thanksgiving!

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