Pump up the Volume

Amazingly, about 65 out of 100 women in America feel as though they have fine or limp hair.

A conversation with a client recently about how to get more volume in her hair led to her trying a volumizing shampoo.

This type of shampoo works by what it takes out of the hair, not what it puts in. It is designed to remove any product left in the hair which might weigh the hair down. It is similar to a clarifying shampoo– a clarifying shampoo helps remove product as well as impurities in the hair.

Be warned some volumizing shampoos work off of a high pH. This will cause the cuticle to swell which will make it seem as though your hair is fuller. In reality, a high pH is damaging to the cuticle layer, which is the outer transparent protective layer of the hair. This can cause your hair to frizz.

If you color your hair it can cause color to fade out on the ends more quickly than normal.

Always look for a shampoo that has a low pH. Doing so may allow you to skip the conditioner. Most people that need volume do have fine limp hair. That type of hair does not need any extra moisture. Avoiding moisture is the best step to avoid that limp fine hair.

If you feel you must use a conditioner, remember that shampoo is always for the scalp. Conditioner is for the ends.

In short, to give body to fine or limp hair, start with a good volumizing shampoo. Find one with a low pH and, if possible, avoid the conditioner.

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