Publishers Message February 2016

Reg BuxtonAs residents of the City of Naples our safety is a given, we expect it, and count on it without any further thought. In fact a strong belief is that as American citizens we will be protected by our Government be it local, State or Federal.

In the world in which we live, we need to be prepared for any eventuality.

Our city of Naples has public services that are first class including our Fire, EMS and Police Department. We need to make prudent choices ensuring that the men and women who protect our citizens have the best equipment, training and leadership to be fully functional. Those departments want to deliver the highest quality of service that this community demands and we need to support them. There is also a need to be fiscally responsible in meeting these goals.

Our city will soon be adding the Computer Assisted Dispatch System (C.A.D) which is a mechanism of communication between the departments. Naturally this will result in a faster response time, which promotes a more favorable outcome.

The Naples Government puts safety first and we can count on it.

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