Pretty Clever with Fashion

Diana JarrettOnce upon a time, haute bijou was serious business. That’s because the most serious collectors went to seriously-important events and one had to make a certain impression. Big name auction houses routinely sell these elaborate pieces of miniature art to sophisticated collectors. Some of the items however, get a fresh make-over to become more palatable to modern jewelry fans.

That was then this is now

Today’s designers on the other hand understand the value of gemstones and flaunt their expert bench-jeweler skills with updated pieces that are a perfect foil to both contemporary fashion and current lifestyles. Emblematic of these tastemaker’s output are imaginative designs that are sometimes whimsical and always on-trend. Plucky in their interpretation, modern designers fear no gemstone. So they place opaque with transparent, exotic with staid. The results? Simply mah-velous darling.

How designers mix it up

See for yourself. Jessica Alba sashayed to a recent Hollywood event in a simple yet classic electric pink gown and finished her look with Wendy Yue’s dangle multi-stone earrings. The unusual pairing of disparate stone types is one of the techniques daring jewelry artists use to update a look and still make their jewels fit the most opulent occasion. In this particular case the designer used brown diamonds, turquoise, lapis lazuli, and blue sapphire, altogether on the same piece. The style makes them couture; the stone combination makes them fresh and now.

Naples women are a spirited bunch, always ready for socializing and enjoying fashion. You’ll see more of our local beauties wearing such fashion-forward jewelry as the season progresses. Never one to take a back seat, the Naples woman exudes a confidence borne of having that sense of what-to-wear-when, and she does it with ease. If you find yourself in the market for some new jewels to update your look, scour our finest jewelry stores for the latest collections that offer a variety of stone types and colors. These exciting jewels can update your favorite wardrobe and put a new twist on tradition.

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