“Placing” Art Virtually in a Home by Kristine Meek and Juliana Meek

Dear Artsperts,
My wife and I are typically in Naples right now, but due to the pandemic we are staying put here in Toronto. I was looking at your website and YouTube channel and I got to thinking how much I have always wanted Hunt Slonem’s work in my dining room. My wife and I are wondering, is there any way we could visualize how a painting would look in our space, without you shipping paintings to our home in Canada?


Dear Visualizing,
We miss seeing you here in Naples and we can empathize with you on the difficulty of deciding on a painting from an image alone. This was the first year since 1972 that one of us “Meeks” did not
travel to New York to visit artists in person in their studios. We have always selected the artwork for our coming season by driving to see our artists in their studios and hand select the works each August/September.

But this year, it just wasn’t possible. Instead, we had to rely on photographs being sent by email and dropbox from the artists to us and on FaceTime calls. It was different, and we were nervous thinking “what if we missed something by not being in the studio and looking around the corners and behind the doors to see what else the artist is working on or holding back”. We had to rely on our experience in knowing how an artist’s work looks in natural light and in person. We had to also trust our gut in making our selections virtually.

All of the new works we have this season from Hunt Slonem’s studio were selected from photographs instead of in-person, so we truly do understand your concerns. One thing the pandemic has made us all, is a little more tech savvy and certainly more technology dependent. One of our newly acquired skills is to use Photoshop to place paintings in a photograph of an actual space or room.

We have used this recently for another couple and we were able to place the painting over their credenza, both with and without the table lamps in front of the painting. By sending us an image of your dining room – taken with as much light as possible and as straight-on with right angles lined up as possible – we can use the image plus the dimensions of the wall (height and width and height and width of the furniture) we can place the painting or paintings or even sculpture in the space in the proper proportion.

Here we have gone ahead and provided an example for you with three different options of Hunt Slonem painting combinations.

The Artsperts

PS to the reader – Which of the three is your favorite?

Kristine Meek & Juliana Meek

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