A Rose by Any Other Name . . .life in the facet lane


Designer jewelry is taking a shine to roses lately. Not the floral kind, but rather rose cut gemstones and diamonds. Rose cut stones are finding favor in couture goods today and in the most imaginative and unexpected designs you could ever dream of.

The intriguing part of this trending pattern is that rose cut diamonds are actually the earliest of all cutting styles dating back to the first part of the 16th century. Like any diamond of its time, the stone was hand-cut and took its cue from the shape of the rough diamond crystal itself. Many rough diamonds are octahedral in shape—think of two pyramids fused at their base.

That’s what diamonds often look like straight from the earth. So, the ‘points’ on either end of the diamond were polished down to 3 flat facets converging to a center point first of all—and later
evolved into 6 facets. Over time, rose cuts became more complex adding additional facets. But all rose cut stones are distinguished by their flat underside, in stark contrast to modern diamonds and
gems which have deeply faceted undersides too –called pavilions on the stone.

When rose cut diamonds first emerged, cutters were aiming for jewels featuring simple but bright cutting styles that could dazzle onlookers in candlelight. Diamonds in earlier times were strictly
the domain of royalty and aristocrats. And, this cutting style stayed in favor straight through the Georgian to Victorian times.

Today, the rose cut stone charms imaginative designers and their savvy clientele. A rose cut diamond epitomizes a handcrafted one-and-done appeal that true collectors crave. It complements
the artful charisma of ethical, sustainable jewelry collections like those of designer Jennifer Dawes of Dawes Designs. Her designs are celebrated for her unforgettable array of hand-wrought rings in
hypnotic shapes that harken to earlier times.

Rose cut diamonds speak to a modern aesthetic of signature jewelry lovers. It would seem that each piece is just waiting for a new owner to continue its story. Rose cut diamonds are for a knowledgeable diamond fan who searches for the rare allure of personal statement adornment. Could that be you?

Something old can take on a completely new story—when it ’s in your capable hands.

(Liberated Eternity Large Oval Rose Cut Diamond Band; Courtesy; Jennifer Dawes Design)

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