November 2020 Kitchen Profile

by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

For those of you who may have followed my writing over the years I have decided to switch to a new way of helping my readers with design decisions by discussing individual projects that we have recently completed.

The format will be simple. If you look at the photo on the adjoining page, I will be describing what you are seeing in that photo. It is my hope that I can help you with your kitchen renovation.

This cabinetry finish is a customer specific glazed and painted finish with a door that Kitchens by Clay had made to be in tune with the latest designs called the LaPort door.

The cabinetry itself is full overlay frameless cabinetry in hard white maple all wood construction which is our standard offering. The design is 10 feet tall over all.

As you can see this kitchen is not a big kitchen, so we had to be creative to fit all the items desired by the homeowner. The appliances in many ways define the design and this kitchen was no exception to that rule.

We have a 48” gas range but if you look closely you will see that the hood is larger than the range at 54” wide. We put the hood into a 60” space so that the cook will have a roomy space to work. To the left you will see a steam oven built into a storage cabinet. Looking further to the left you will see a 42” built-in style refrigerator. Flanking that refrigerator are two pantries whose shelves roll out for the user’s convenience. Here is the fun part, both the hood and the refrigerator were left over from the previous kitchen and were in terrific condition. We were able to re-use those same appliances saving the homeowner significant cost with their renovation.

The floors are wood like tile floors that are perfect for the Florida lifestyle of sandy beaches and easy clean-up. The countertop is a quartzite product that compliments both the cabinetry and the flooring. Please note that the same top was used for the island and the wall cabinetry making sure that the kitchen does not get too busy.

The best part is that since we only had one wall of cabinetry, we could run that top material all the way up the wall, especially behind the range and hood, to create a wow factor when you walk in.

As with all our kitchens this kitchen is equipped with easy storage solutions like rollout waste and trash receptacle systems, two tier silverware drawer, cutlery drawers, spice drawers and lot sof “pots and pans” drawers.

Enjoy your home, Clay Airport Road, Suites 5 and 6, Naples, FL 34109

T: 239.431.5474 F: 239.431.5472

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