Naples Airport by Chris Rozansky, Executive Director, Naples Airport Authority

New Technology to Assess Aircraft Noise: Portable Noise Monitors are Gathering Data, Building Understanding

The Naples Airport Authority (NAA) has two new tools to assess and measure aircraft noise impacts, and area residents can help collect data by hosting them on their property for a few days. This data will help build understanding between the NAA and our community.

In late 2023, we purchased the devices loaded with industry leading technology to assess noise levels in the community. The monitors, which are roughly the size of a suitcase, are available to the public at no cost, and our staff –at your request –will set them up in a convenient, secure location on your property.

They detect noise from any source while correlating it to aircraft or community noise events. For example, the advanced software can detect the difference in noise from an overhead jet and a lawnmower. In fact, the system is so sophisticated that it can even differentiate between actual aircraft noise and a recording of the same aircraft.

Collecting this data will help the community and airport gain a better perspective on where and when aircraft noise is most prevalent. It will also enable a better understanding of actual noise levels compared to computer modeling or notoriously unreliable cell phone applications.

While these noise measurements will not result in immediate changes to flight procedures, the data will be invaluable when approaching the FAA and our congressional representatives to seek impactful changes to benefit our community. The data will also be useful in assessing future benefits from the new flight procedures currently under design such as raising the 2,000 foot hold (higher-faster) or Optimized Profile Descents (quieter, reduced power arrival procedures), two of the concepts identified in the Part 150 Noise Study.

As we continue to build on our Part 150, the Fly Safe Fly Quiet Program, and other noise abatement programs, these monitors will provide the best and most accurate assessment of noise levels, their sources, and aid in our commitment to find ways to mitigate aviation noise. If you are interested in having a noise monitor at your home or business, please contact Zachary Burch

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