Moving On…

Jim Hendersonby Jim Henderson
President of William C. Huff Companies and
national speaker for estate downsizing and lifestyle transitions

We all have had our fair share of New Year’s resolutions. Here’s a few that I believe would help us all.

First of all, most of us have too much “stuff ” and, since over 70 million of us will contemplate a major downsize in the next few years, it would be a good resolution to rid ourselves of this “stuff ”. In the past four years, we have had to walk through many last minute home downsizes because of a sudden illness in the family. I know we all think this won’t happen to us but, as we age, it does. Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke are a few of the things which catch us by surprise as we age. If we think ahead, we might be able to avoid the last minute panic by thinning our clutter out and donating it to a worthy cause.

The other thing you may want to put on our resolution list is to get rid of negative feelings. These emotions clutter our lives and do little to help or enhance anyone else’s life. Most of us have so much and yet it’s our inability to be 100 percent thankful that keeps us from being a positive influence to those less fortunate. Having grown up as a child at-risk in the foster care system, I know from experience what it means not to have what so many others have.

A few years ago I decided to give back in those areas of my life where I had had so little. I got involved with a local charity, Friends of Foster Children Forever. In just a few short years we have seen tremendous success in making a difference in the lives of at-risk children. By choosing not to be negative about my own life has given me the ability to channel my experiences into helping others who are now where I was as a child.

It is said that the things we own will eventually own us. This is true and not just our possessions but, also of our emotional, mental and physical well-being. This year may we all concentrate on getting rid of those things in our lives which own us and weigh us down. Let’s move on so we may live a more balanced and purposeful New Year!

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