Moran Wealth Management Continues to Grow

Bullish About Its Own Future, Moran Wealth Management Continues to Grow

In a strategy that may seem unconventional during these unusual times, Naples’ Moran Wealth Management is currently in growth mode.

Tom Moran

“We’re following our own general investing advice and applying it to our practice: be patient, take calculated risks and embrace a long-term vision to actively plan for the evolution of your life and business,” said Julie Cusson, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at Moran Wealth Management.

With this philosophy in mind, Moran Wealth Management continues to grow by investing in people, space and technology. “All three of these are key to our future, but none more so than our investment in people,” said Tom Moran, Founder, CEO  and  Senior PIM Portfolio Manager of Moran Wealth Management.

In the last two months, Moran has hired three new young associates:

Cooper Alligood

Cooper Alligood, Lucca Delcompare and Margaret Karr. Alligood and Delcompare, both Naples natives, were hired as Support Specialists. Karr, a Naples resident originally from Massachusetts, is a Financial Advisor Trainee. Alligood earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Florida Gulf State University (FGCU), where he graduated magna cum laude. He also participated in astudent-managed investment fund that oversees a portion of the University’s  endowment and worked in commercial sales for four years prior to joining the Moran team. In his spare time, he volunteers for the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Delcompare earned degrees in both economics and music from Williams College, where he was on the Dean’s List and was an All-American Swimmer and team captain on the Williams Swim and Dive Team. In 2015, he was recognized as the Naples Daily News Swimmer of the Year. Full of talents, he also received the Kleinhandler Prize recognizing contributions to the Music  Department at Williams College.

Karr, a graduate of Dartmouth College, brings eight years of investor relations management and  communications experience to her new role at Moran, plus a strong understanding of  public company  compliance and SEC and NYSE rules and regulations. She also has experience serving as the Co-District Enrollment Director for Southwest Florida and is a member of the South Florida Chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI). All three new hires are currently in training, and part of that process involves personal time, attention and mentoring from the senior management team.

Lucca Delcompare

That includes time with founder Tom Moran. “Tom doesn’t just share knowledge; he shares, listens and encourages a big picture approach to the team’s thinking,” said Cusson. “Tom has a particular talent for tying historical events and market cycles to anticipating current and future trends, and that kind of thought process is at a level and depth that takes time to impart. Tom takes and invests that time with his team.”

“We’re serious about cultivating the talents of the next generation,” said Moran. “And we’re equally committed to learning from them. We have a lot to teach, but it’s a two-way street, and we find that invigorating as we approach 2021 and embrace changes that are bound to occur in the decades ahead,” he continued.

Moran’s dedication to helping bring up the next generation of financial professionals doesn’t apply to just his
own team. His practice recently partnered with the Barron’s in Education Program from Dow Jones to sponsor financial education services at FGCU.

Margaret Karr

The Barron’s in Education program is dedicated to promoting financial proficiency for the next generation. As part of the program, students and faculty at the FGCU Lutgert College of Business receive digital access to Barron’s online content, weekly newsletters and webinars.

Members of the Moran Wealth Management team will also speak to students about investment planning and management and other topics related to students’ courses of study and interests. Dr. H. Shelton Weeks, Department Chair of Economics &   Finance at FGCU said of the program: “This program will be a  tremendous benefit to our students. We strive to provide students with solid academic preparation that is reinforced with real world applications and experiential learning.

The Barron’s subscription program, sponsored by Moran Wealth Management, gives our students a window to view current industry trends and best practices. This program aligns particularly well with our recently
launched Financial Services Concentration, which prepares students to sit for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification.”

In addition to its investment in people, Moran Wealth Management is also expanding its office footprint from
approximately 7,500 to 15,000 square feet. “We signed the new lease before the pandemic hit, but the
long-term plan to expand and grow has remained in place,” said Cusson. “In fact, we’re currently in construction mode, and with our team already accustomed to working remotely since March, we welcome the fact that construction isn’t disruptive to our normal business operations right now.”

Moran Wealth Management currently plans to return to its newly expanded space, located at 5801 Pelican Bay Boulevard, in the first quarter of 2021, with a phased approach for its employees, based on its team’s input plus health and safety guidelines available at the time.

Photography by Audrey Snow Owen



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