Moorings Park Introduces Care 360 Concierge Healthcare Program

moorings-parkMoorings Park is introducing a number of improvements to its physicians’ medical practice that are designed to ensure residents and members receive the full benefits of an integrated approach across Moorings Park’s renowned continuum of healthcare. Moorings Park Care 360 Concierge Healthcare Program, as it is known, will be available to residents and members in 2017.

The Care 360 concierge healthcare program supports the overall Moorings Park commitment to provide Simply the Best® amenities and services with professional and compassionate care to each person served. Moorings Park’s mission is to provide outstanding healthcare while enabling members and residents to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

To that end, Moorings Park has entered a one-of-a-kind partnership with Naples Community Hospital (NCH®) and has implemented a concierge medicine model offering patients a higher level of personalized primary care.

The partnership will provide residents and members with many important advantages, including care provided by experienced, board-certified primary care physicians; additional time allocated for office visits and exams in an unhurried setting; physicians available 24-hours a day, seven days a week for treatment; annual comprehensive physicals with a health assessment to develop a baseline medical profile; a focus on preventative care; coordination of care throughout the NCH Healthcare System, as well as quick appointments with leading area specialists as needed; house calls when necessary; follow-up visits by a physician to either NCH or The Chateau®; access to advances in medicine and an expanded system of care and specialists; patient access to Mayo Clinic specialists, including e-consultations; proven quality indicators, and increased patient satisfaction.

To learn more about Moorings Park Care 360 and membership opportunities, please visit

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