Local writer and beloved story teller Joan Hanlon Curley has just published a new book, and this is her first written specifically for adults. Her keen observational skills as well as insight can bring simple concepts to life in ways we never imagined, Here she shares thoughts on her newest creation. “The Brown Pelican is enticing to watch as it flies overhead and zooms quickly through the air, Suddenly it dives into the water to hopefully catch a fish.

I always enjoy going to the Naples Pier to watch the fishermen and the pelicans go after a fish that is caught and released. But I was most intrigued by the excitement and the smiles of all the visitors and guests watching and taking pictures of the pelicans diving into the water or flying in and landing on the surface of the water and then just bobbing along. Watching people in different Naples locations I observed the attraction and attention the bird drew as it flew over the water. So I thought to myself, I think I have a story idea.

My observation of the people interested in the birds were mostly adults. Since I had written and published nine children’s books I decided to write a book that although written for an adolescent and older population it could be enjoyed by all. I thought I could make it a coffee table book.
I started my research on the pelican bird and decided to write about the Brown Pelican that is so common to us here in Naples. But how could I make my book different than just a story of the Brown Pelican but use the pelican to also add some thoughts on life experiences.

I decided the book would contain background on the Brown Pelican and then use drawings of the pelican’s action to highlight thoughts and reflections on life. I wanted the reader to reflect and slow down from the hustle and bustle of daily living to think about what’s important about one’s life. The sayings and thoughts hopefully would bring a smile about one’s life and reflect about life’s trials and tribulations. As a side note I chose the name Peter after my oldest brother who was a veteran of WWII and Prisoner of War and dedicated the book in his memory because he loved fishing.”

Joan Curley had two desires: to travel and to write, she accomplished both but deferred writing while she worked professionally as an educator. She enjoyed her career as an elementary school teacher, counselor for K-12 and school principal with international experience. Travel was woven
into all aspects of her life, circumnavigating the world twice. It was those personal and professional aspects of her life that she wanted to share with others. In addition to the latest book “Peter the Brown Pelican of Naples, Florida” Joan is the author of nine other books which were written specifically for children.

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  1. Robert Braid
    Robert Braid says:

    Hello Miss Hanlon (now Mrs Curley)
    I am a former student of yours (grade 5, Sweetser School) and a retired teacher from Saugus. I came across your book and decided to say hello and give you my best wishes. You were a big influence on my life and I want to say a heartfelt “thank you”
    Robert (Bobby) Braid


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