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You like color, don’t you? Well good, you’re in very good company with a host of jewelry lovers who adore the vivid natural colors that gemstones flaunt. The world of colorful gemstones is as fascinating and diverse as the stones themselves. Precious gemstones are found all over the globe; often in exotic locales that are risky to enter and even more difficult to extract from the earth. Gemstones are minerals, each with its own DNA of elements that are responsible for lending color to the crystal. The more you learn about the gems you prefer the greater will be your appreciation for them. Each has a story waiting for you to uncover.

Today, women are confident about their personal style and their jewelry reflects this attractive self-assurance. So, it’s no surprise that designers are responding to consumer driven trends by offering bold, vivid and brightly hued gem encrusted jewelry. Mixing several colors on one piece creates an upbeat optimism in the wearer. Because so many colors often appear on the same piece, the item is actually quite versatile.

Color combining on a single jewelry item is not really a new concept, although today’s incarnation certainly takes on a more modern vibe. The early multi-color gemstone offerings were popularized by none other than the House of Cartier. In the Art Deco period, a time of enjoying a sophisticated life, Cartier introduced Tutti Frutti collections. These high-end jewelry items placed rubies, emeralds and sapphires along with diamonds on the same piece. It was iconoclastic to be sure for that era. Emblematic of this unique jewelry style was the inclusion of these colorful jewels in a carved design rather than faceted as we usually see jewels.

These colorful treasures still hold captive the imagination of modern collectors. A Cartier Tutti Frutti bracelet broke a world record in 2015 when it sold for $2.1M at auction.

21ST CENTURY COLOR                                      And how about you? Are you that confident jewelry fan who understands the power of color and appreciate them all so much that you adore seeing them together on one piece? You won’t have to shell out millions for modern multi-color jewelry. And best of all, today’s colorful gemstone jewelry delivers the same Tutti Frutti thrill with an updated vibe for the 21st century.

Jewelry Courtesy Effy: Diamond and multi-color gemstone wide band and multi color gemstone earrings get Nautical with a Diamond Starfish 

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