How Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology helps create leaders

Lorenzo Walker Medical PrepThe Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology (LWIT) is a Naples institution. Bright minds and bright futures result from the dedicated teachers and administrators at this school, where kids get opportunities that change lives. More than 90 percent of graduates remain in Collier County and the majority of students receive jobs in their chosen fields. Many continue to further their education. Because LWIT provides certificate and workforce development training to adults and Lorenzo Walker Technical High School juniors and seniors, both LWIT and LWTHS are part of the Collier County Public School system.

Through partnerships with local businesses and industries, LWIT students receive considerable insight from real world leaders and a fast track to employment. Naples is fortunate indeed to have such an institution. We reached out to Principal Yolanda Flores to get the scoop on programs at the school and see what else is new at this dynamic place of learning.

surgery demonstrationLIFE IN NAPLES: What are some of the new programs you are most excited about?

YOLANDA FLORES: Veterinary Assistant and Pharmacy Tech are two new programs which were added to LWIT’s program offerings this past year. They are both high demand careers that have a multi-million dollar impact on our economy. There is an ever increasing number of animal owners that expect high quality care for their pets; and because of our large population of baby boomers it is no surprise that Pharmacy Techs are in high demand. We are launching a full-time day welding program this spring.

LIN: We know LWIT changes lives – what is the biggest benefit to attending the school? YF: The mission of the Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology is to provide rigorous and relevant educational experiences that prepare all students with both the academic and technical skills necessary to succeed in their chosen careers and in further postsecondary education as desired.

Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology provides education and training for high skilled, high demand jobs required by local business and industries. Students who flow into a highly skilled workforce not only directly benefit as individuals; they help attract high wage scale industry to Collier County and in turn, increase and spread the county’s tax base.

student surgeryPractical nursing, auto collision and refinishing, drafting, automotive, veterinary assistant, business, pharmacy tech, welding, dental assisting, and culinary, are a few of the many training programs available at a very affordable price.

LIN: Can anyone attend the school or is it age restricted?

YF: LWIT is a postsecondary institution and most programs require a high school diploma or GED for admissions. High school students enrolled at Lorenzo Walker Technical High can get a jump start on their careers by being dually-enrolled at LWIT.

LIN: Are there any teachers you would like to mention who may be new or doing something very interesting?

YF: All our programs have a work experience component so our instructors work closely with the business community to ensure students receive a quality education with experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Each one of the training programs has a community advisory committee provide guidance to ensure our programming and curriculum is relevant and we continue to provide state-of-the-art training to students. That is no small challenge given the accelerated pace of change we are all experiencing. Entrepreneurship instructor Bob Jackson and Digital Design instructor Rick Ponton have an excellent relationship with Senior Corp of Retired Entrepreneurs (SCORE). SCORE members, such as Vincent Izzi, are vital volunteers on our campus working with students on business plans, marketing skills, and employability skills.

LIN: How can people keep track of all of the LWIT programs and get updated on new ones?

YF: I encourage people to visit our website or our Facebook page for the latest information. Individuals can also sign up for our monthly newsletter at

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