Life in the Facet Lane

Diana Jarrett GG RMV

Homage to the Individual

More than any other time in history, precious gemstone adornment has come to signify the uniqueness of the individual wearer. Time was when jewelry collectors were happy to get any colorful stone they could afford.
But the ease of travel now has opened up the world for serious jewelry collectors. One does not have to “know someone” in far-flung corners of the earth to gain access to some pretty extraordinary gemstones. In another generation if you said the word precious stones—it meant ruby, sapphire or emerald. Now a gorgeous treasure trove of exotic stones that imaginative designers are discovering brings nuance to personal adornment not seen before. The modern jewelry collector wants her pieces to reflect not only her personal style but to complement her individuality— making a statement about her without ever saying a word.


Internationally lauded jewelry artist Lisi Fracchia understands the power of the individual and how jewels accentuate a stylish woman’s unique aura. The confident tastemaker of today, she knows, is fearless in trying new stones that appeal to her—whether or not these beauties are easily recognized. One such breathtaking but very uncommon gemstone is sphalerite. You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of it. But this is exactly the type of rarity that Lisi is drawn to. Sphalerite is more dispersive than a diamond—the sparkle is endless. The warm golden colors in Spanish sphalerite are vibrant, full of life and are a natural fit for the Naples woman with their sunny vibe.

“As if in a dream, your eye catches the brilliant tones of the sphalerite. . . no wonder it is a gem you fall in love with,” says Lisi Fracchia. Take a fresh look at sphalerite. It might just call your name!
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