life in the facet lane … Pass the Bubbly Please

Topaz Tourmaline Ring Heaven & Earth Ring featuring pink tourmaline and peach tourmaline; Courtesy Cynthia Renee Inc.

Considering what we’ve all endured over the last two years, safe to say that we are ready to face forward with newfound joy and a spirit of expectation for 2022. Imagine that. We’re this far into the 21st century and boy do we have some stories to tell.

The New Year brings with it a heady celebratory vibe—as in “we made it”! May I suggest we greet the New Year with some festive bling that’s definitely New Year’s worthy. How about we toast the upcoming year with champagne—and let’s make it pink champagne while we’re at it.

We’ve no doubt heard the alluring phrase “champagne diamonds” on occasion, and they’re certainly worth an admiring look. But let’s take it a step further and check out some cheerful stones in pink champagne tones—they’re festively kicked up a notch, aren’t they?

In a world of naturally colored gemstones, we never cease to marvel at the massive range of hues produced in nature—the stones simply come up from the earth that way. Gaining popularity every year are the blushing tones of peachy pink gemstones which we can rightly call pink champagne gems. Their delicate hues are ultra-feminine and best of all, they seem to flatter any skin tone. That’s huge.

White and rose gold earrings feature rectangular white freshwater pearls and peach Topaz cushions; Courtesy Cynthia Renee Inc.

Keep in mind that pink champagne stones can vary in species. Morganite, Montana fancy color sapphire, topaz, spinel, rose quartz, even pastel garnet and pink tourmaline give us that bubbly champagne look.

Award winning jewelry designer Cynthia Renee has a clientele spanning the globe and in the-field gemstone experience that’s just as far reaching. So, it’s no wonder she has developed an eye for exquisitely colored gems that few of us have been privy to seeing up close. These blushing jewels give her endless inspiration for making shimmering jewels that not only welcome another year, but make you feel special all the way through.

So, why not approach this new year with hope, joy and a spirit of adventure—by grabbing a pink champagne gemstone that keeps a party atmosphere going all year long.

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.” ~ Mark Twain

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