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Fine timepieces are more than a utilitarian device that keep us on schedule with our daily activities. They are wonders of mechanical achievement and vehicles for personal expression.

What Price Prestige?
Some timepieces convey one’s limitless resources to spend up a storm. Take Monte Carlo-based Graff jewelers for instance. They created a multicolored diamond bracelet-style lady’s watch “Graff  Hallucination.”  Company president Laurence Graff ’s commented on his work of art; “The Graff Hallucination is a sculptural masterpiece, a celebration of the miracle of colored  diamonds.”

It certainly is, and it also requires giving up $55-Million US to make it your own personal hallucination. But there are other awe-inspiring timepieces that are so distinct, they are worth their price tag (although considerably less than the legendary Hallucination). A favorite of ours lately are the red-hued lady’s watch. Each one is an achievement of horological wonder. They are also skillfully designed to transcend fickle trends and changing fashion preferences. They are in a word, stand out watches to be treasured for a lifetime, evolving with one’s personal style.

Lady in Red

Akribos XXIV Women’s Red Multifunction Dazzling Strap Watch

A beautiful red strapped watch, or timepiece featuring red somewhere on it may seem like a bold move and one that limits its wearing. But red is such an emotion-filled tint that it merits consideration as a watch choice. Ladies may be surprised to discover just how much a rosy-toned wrist watch completes an ensemble.

Color experts point out the power of red to the human psyche. The color red is considered as an intense hue, full of energy. A scarlet tint is associated with love, warmth, and power. Women often feel happy, energized, and strong wearing red. If any of those  attributes seem like something you’d like to display in your life, a red watch is for you.

Something for Everyone

Jaeger Le Coultre Rendezvous
Moon Front

We preview several watches here for your consideration. Although they are from different manufacturers, they share a capacity for empowering the lady wearing it with a confident style sense and an appreciation of fine craftsmanship. We adore jewelry and collect it with thoughtfulness throughout our life. But fine watches are also a sparkling accessory that gives voice to our aesthetics and sense of bliss.

Isn’t it time you ventured out with a dramatic signature timepiece? Wishing you happy times and hours to be cherished!

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