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Even the most seasoned of jewelry collectors may have no idea what their favorite gemstones looked like au naturel. But thanks to talented gemstone cutters, their highest potential is revealed through expert polishing. Still, for many connoisseurs, seeing the stone as it came from the ground is an awe-inspiring treat.

Natural stones of every species have their own crystal habit—a term for how it’s most likely to form underground. Often with aquamarine, crystals are found with 6-sided flat surfaces, and with flat bottoms. It’s also frequently found in large sized crystals—which sparks more creativity with today’s designers.

Many global deposits yield this watery-hued stone. Exotic places like Mina Gerais, Brazil, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Sichuan Province, China are but a few of its top locales. You may be surprised to learn that America also has some gemmy deposits. California, Idaho, Colorado, and more are producing this coveted jewel in commercial quantities. Even with its abundant supply, gemstone dealers are always on the hunt for top-grade rough.

Innovative Florida-based designer Laura Jackowski-Dickson, owner of LJD Designs has a personal fondness for aquamarine. This global citizen draws inspiration for her elegantly casual designs from the many places she called home throughout her life. So, it’s no surprise that her perspective on beauty takes on a global slant.

Sometimes she chooses to leave stones in their natural state to tell a different story about these spectacular jewels. Her iconoclastic designs are met enthusiastically with a younger demographic. Often these collectors take a drastic pivot from their parent’s jewelry styles, demanding something fresh and story-telling with their accessories.

“I personally love using rough stones,” claims Jackowski-Dickson. But not every client understands her artistic direction. Her customer responses have varied greatly. “I have been met with mixed reviews. The younger clients love the look,” which is clearly what she was going for. Once however, at a large jewelry
trade show in New York City, an older jeweler lacking knowledge of rough crystals, challenged her gorgeous aqua collection by suggesting it was not really aqua but rather sea glass.” We’re glad Jackowski-Dickson knows her stuff—and brings her brand of exciting jewelry to collectors eager to acquire them. Here’s to the natural . . . wherever we may find it. Real natural is gorgeous . . . just like you!

  • Rough Aquamarine Charm Toggle Bracelet; Courtesy LJD Designs Rough Aquamarine Tahiti Beach Bib Necklace; Courtesy LJD Designs

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