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There are special people we cherish all year through, but the holidays provide us with a time to show those we love just what they mean to us. Jewelry is always a nice idea, especially when it is an original custom-made item. The message is clear—there’s no one quite like you. So, make your list and check it twice.

We’d like to suggest this holiday season that you show love to those on your short list by choosing a custom-made item that conveys your sentiments in high style. The spectacular Contessa pearl pendant and ruby necklace by Naomi Sarna for example is one such treasure that transcends time and trends. It is in fact, wearable art.

We chatted with designer Sarna recently about what inspired her to produce that remarkable creation. The hero of this piece is definitely the lustrous pearl. Sarna drew inspiration from the shape and color of that unique gem. The perfect complement to such a pearl definitely required some forethought. “I started with garnets of a similar color, but they just didn’t feel correct,” she confides. “I put rubies and it made such a difference. My Contessa was right at home with the rubies!”

Contessa Pearl Pendant and Ruby
Necklace; Courtesy Naomi Sarna Designs. Chinese freshwater natural color pearl, with multicolor gemstone accents; 18” necklace of ruby and garnet beads mounted in 18K white gold.

Original jewelry is an artistic expression rendered in precious metals and stones. It is the designer’s palette. The piece is completed when the artist has said all she needs to say with those elements. “All in all, it’s a harmonious blend of color and texture,” she tells us. “The Contessa is embellished with
scattered jewels of various colors, picking up the colors in the pearl,” she points out. “One of my favorites.”

For Sarna, a key to creating her custom designs is waiting for the right elements to come together. That search is part of the creative process. “A single pearl dealer puts aside wonderful pearls for me,” she confides. Those specially curated pearls have gone on to become part of her award winning designs. When you’ve found the right pearl—the journey begins, she says. “Any pearl with this size, shape and color and luster (in the Contessa) goes into a special class.”

Some things can best be expressed through original jewelry from a creative designer. Finding that special piece can transmit your most tender feelings– not only during this season but all year long.
Wishing you a sparkling holiday and dazzling 2020!

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