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Indecisive Maybe?

Ametrine, Credit; RGGems

We usually devote this space to droolworthy jewelry that inspires even the most jaded collector. But this time, let’s have a little gemstone tutorial, shall we? Simply digging into the story behind the stone is a satisfying experience. The more we know about the world of colorful gems, the deeper our appreciation grows.

You may find yourself waffling from time to time over what color gemstone to collect next. That’s a legitimate concern. Most of us simply cannot collect an entire world full of gemstones and jewelry. What to do?

When in Doubt, Collect Both
You may be relieved to learn that you don’t always have to choose between, say, green and pink—or yellow and violet. The secret lies in the gemstones themselves.

Parti-Color Sapphire
Credit; John Dyer

Did you know that many of your favorite precious gemstones actually are produced in clear, besides the colors we’ve grown to love? Take corundum for instance. This precious gem is colorless. But when it comes in contact with trace elements of other minerals, it will turn blue—and you’ve got sapphire. Or, other trace elements in corundum will produce ruby!

If that’s not thought provoking enough, on certain occasions, a mix of trace elements will occur on the same stone—and what do you know? The stone has more than one color.

Look Around

Jedora Watermelon Tourmaline, Credit; Jedora Gems

Maybe you’ve heard of watermelon tourmaline? This charming stone grows with an outer layer of green tourmaline enrobing a bright raspberry pink tourmaline center, giving it a true watermelon appearance when it’s cut as a slice.

But ametrine—the captivating amethyst-citrine variety only grows in Bolivia! The backstory of gems we love (or learn to love) is endless. Take some time to investigate lesser known stones that often display more than one hue on the same crystal. You’ll discover that you can be indecisive and still end up with the jewel of your dreams. Happy hunting!

We may discover new delights in life if we only take an extra moment to look a bit deeper, a bit longer.

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