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Camilla Ring is a show-stopping natural enhanced diamond; Courtesy Best Brilliance

Aren’t we glad to be finally moving forward towards our new sense of normal? While things still evolve in social distancing and socializing in general in 2022, we’re happy to get back with one another in whatever sense that now means.

Socializing has always been a fun and rewarding vocation for Naples tastemakers. Community is at the core of our heartbeat and it’s stronger than ever. When we get an opportunity to come together, we look for any occasion to bring out the bling. The big stuff. You may or may not have noticed (but your really did, didn’t you?) that big diamonds play a key role in adding a festive vibe to our socializing. The bigger the better is the rule when making a great evening even greater. And who doesn’t want to take a cruise with some stylish baubles that are envy-making at formal night onboard?

If you didn’t know this by now, we’re letting you in on a little (not so) secret for making a big splash at your social events. Savvy ladies don’t scrimp on jewelry for the social season, nor for sailing the high seas. They simply keep their well-loved diamonds safely at home and enjoy a variety of highly affordable diamond options and snazzy alternatives that make a huge impact while staying well below their budget.

Here’s a tutorial for drop-dead-gorgeous-sparklers that Naples influencers are flaunting now; Moissanite–an elegant created stone with even higher dispersion than diamond (true!), or lab-created diamonds which can’t be ignored any longer. They are simply a dazzling diamond product of technology and they’re sustainable—and did we mention gorgeous? And not to be overlooked are treated diamonds—which are earth mined diamonds given a lab treatment to improve their clarity and often their color. What’s not to love?

Jacqueline Moissanite and Diamond Ring;
Courtesy Best Brilliance is a sort of one-stop e-tailer offering all these diamond options—so this is as good a place as any to start drooling. Each of these options provide stunning solutions for socialites
who want to be red carpet ready every time they step out the door or take a cruise, all without worry of loss or damage. Turns out you can have your cake and eat it too.

“Big girls need big diamonds” Elizabeth Taylor once confided. Now we discover there more ways than one to get that big diamond look—how fun is that?


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FEATURED RING: Knock out Tessa Lab Grown marquise diamond ring; Courtesy Best Brilliance

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