Life in the Facet Lane…diamonds by the numbers

by Diana Jarrett GG RMV

Diamonds are a mesmerizing miracle of nature. The only gem-mineral made entirely of just one element, carbon, they also handle light in a most extraordinary way. These clear, or in some cases naturally colored crystals produce spectacular scintillation under the masterful hand of an expert diamond cutter. The most popular diamond cut today is called the Round Brilliant Cut. It is made by polishing 57 or 58 facets (if you count a miniscule flat culet on the pointed underside) into a complex symmetrical facet pattern that optimizes the light reflection. Each of these 57 facets must be precisely angled to the next facet for maximized sparkle potential.

Each of the other popular diamond shapes, like emerald cut, pear shape, or oval also have specific facet patterns to
make the most of the diamond crystal. As diamond lovers become more sophisticated with their taste and requirements, the industry has responded with specialty cuts, sometimes called premium diamonds or branded cuts.

These unusual diamond shapes have their own particular set of facet numbers, and each produces a different result. For example, designer Bez Ambar who is responsible for today’s princess cut has created several iconoclastic diamond shapes to wow the cognoscenti. And wow he does. His Blaze© cut turned common knowledge on its ear. Diamond fans usually think the more the merrier when it comes to the number of diamond facets on a stone—thinking that the more facets, the greater the sparkle.

That can be true. But with the Blaze© cut, Ambar made a dramatic departure from previous cutting norms. Blaze© cut diamonds have far fewer facets than standard diamonds—therefore each facet is larger. The result is a head turning burst of light and vivid color dispersion. 

If you find yourself in the mood for a bit of self-tutorial, ask your favorite jeweler to show you their specialty cut diamonds and find out what features and benefits each special brand produces. And if you want to examine the Blaze© cut yourself, to see how light interacts with this gorgeous cut, you’ll find several beautiful examples at Provident Jewelers right here in Naples

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