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by Erick Carter

That style is best for my face shape?

”The four face shapes are round, square, heart, and oval.“

Are those the only factors I should consider?

”No, you should also consider other factors: texture, features, skull shape, and density of hair. So, let’s talk.

There are three main types of texture: straight, wavy or curly and kinky. As an example, with a heart shape face, I might suggest a nice pixie cut if you have straight hair that is not extremely thin.

Straight thin hair in a pixie will make hair appear even thinner. The skull shape, too has to be considered. It is important for a stylist to understand it when creating the cut. Hair can be cut with the shape of the skull to accent areas. For example, he can use the bone structure to create a fuller look. Hair can also be cut on the bias to help create layers and movement.

Our features change as we mature or change weight. That can even change how we picture our face shape. If you have fleshiness to your face, round layers will accent the fleshiness.

At times, stronger and even square layers can help minimize fleshiness. The opposite is true if you have strong hard lines.

Features also to consider are cowlicks, not always a bad thing.

Working with the cowlick can put a unique signature on the cut if you want it “signed.”

Your professional hair designer can offer you choices using your facial shape, hair texture and density, your prominent features to accent or minimize and the look you want. So, now, let’s talk.

I would like to invite all readers to write in your questions. You can do so by email at Erickcre8U@gmail.com or call me at 239.777.2380

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