Landscape Trends For The 2015 Year

In the 2015 outdoor season you can expect to see more homeowners investing in their outdoor spaces.  Fire Features, Pergolas, and Outdoor Kitchens will continue to populate the backyards of South Florida. Our culture is quickly recognizing the benefits of enjoying quality time at home in the fresh air. Dining al fresco while the sun sets in the background is a great way to spend family time and close out the day. Feeling a bit more adventurous? End the day with a few drinks while you quench your parched pallet poolside. Sink into those cozy, plush couches on a cool Florida evening and bask in the warmth of your fire pit. Whichever scenario you prefer, open your arms up to a new outdoor world. The transformation from these sterile backyard grasslands are rapidly morphing into outdoor palatial lounges providing people opportunities for social gatherings of all types.

This warm summer season expect to see these outdoor areas created by expert designers. The days of your grass cutter designing/planting your backyard has long come and gone. Future trends are showing homeowners taking as much pride in designing the outdoors as they do the indoors.  Consumers want to make this outdoor commitment, but want to have confidence in the fact that it is being done correctly.

We do see an aggressive shift into natural earthy material verse man-made material, specifically in regards to Wood Pergolas.  These wood structures provide a great transition between the concrete makeup of the home and the landscaping beds.  Stone veneers on outdoor kitchens and fire pits are also buzz worthy. Poured concrete pool decks are dinosaurs in our design world. Now, Natural Travertine Stone dominates these outdoor playgrounds.

Pool Restoration is now in a different stride. Companies now offer rock waterfalls that flow into pools, stacked sandstone, and even kids’ slides to up the playful anti.  We are pressing into a new era of outdoor pool design. Water jets that jump out of the deck and splash into the pool, an array of colors of pool finish, as well as the ability to control your pool from your phone, will become increasingly popular in 2015.

Fire features of all kinds continue to gain momentum. Fire bowls poolside create and ambient mood, and are warm and inviting. Fire pits installed within sitting areas or under pergolas can set the atmosphere for an adult evening of drinks and entertaining. Outdoor Fire Places are gaining traction with outdoor TV’s mounted above them. Again, consumers are committed to the natural stones and wood mantles.

The landscape portion of your backyard has also followed suit.  Long gone are the days of planting a hedge in the shape of a rectangle around your domain. Natural plant elements will always dominate this category, however, the introduction of natural beach pebbles, dry stacked stone that frame landscape beds, and boulder walls continue to add to the hardscape feel. Unique plant specimens with curvy designs will anchor properties as backyard focal points, while natural beach pebbles, and outdoor lighting complete the experience in both the day and night.

Whether you are attempting to create a visually attractive destination or embellish an existing poolside retreat, enlist in the service of a professional outdoor designer. They hold the key to your outdoor happiness.

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