Kitchen Investment

by Clay Cox

    by Clay Cox


I am often asked if remodeling a kitchen will help sell a home. The answer is simple.


We at Kitchens by Clay are aware that over the last decade or so the average buyer has become much more educated regarding kitchens. This information comes from a myriad of places. The internet certainly plays a large roll, neighbors and friends who have remodeled before a sale and the many television programs that focus on remodeling are some of the areas to name but a
few. Where the education comes from doesn’t matter. The end result is that the buyers are looking for a well maintained, top condition property and the kitchen should not be the exception.

Some of the reasons for remodeling your kitchen are as follows:

  • Buyers know the importance of a new kitchen but they may not want to do it themselves.
  • A new kitchen will give your home the competitive edge.
  • You can address any problem areas such as dark corners and dead spaces making it more comfortable and functional.
  • A new kitchen will help support a top dollar price.

kitchenTo ensure your kitchen appeals to many potential buyers keep your kitchen design simple and with clean lines. The transitional look that is so popular now is perfect for buyer acceptance and satisfaction. Use neutral color selections with soft finishes.

White or light cabinetry and countertops are the order of the day in Southwest Florida. Added buyer incentive can be achieved by that “special touch” with some select features such as a beautiful tile backsplash and new stainless steel appliances.

Also, when determining the budget it is best to consider your new kitchen as an investment that will be returned to you when your home sells. The added value will have great results.

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Enjoy your remodel,
Clay Cox

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