Drones. Quadcopters. ASUAVs. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. These are all names for a class of FAA registered aircraft, the very mention of which will often spark spontaneous awe or anger in Neapolitans, especially when one appears in the sky seemingly out of nowhere.

These tools of modern technology present multiple benefits for society and business when deployed with a specific mission and when flown legally in responsible hands. Yet drones have gotten a bad rap.

My intent is to remove some of the stigma that surrounds the drone industry today. I am a FAA licensed Remote Pilot and have noticed that public opinion of my profession has been shaped almost exclusively from news reports of irresponsible recreational flyers operating over 400’ AGL into commercial airspace, concern about privacy violations, and damage or injury from the loss of control of a UAV. I understand.

When we see YouTube footage of a drone with a flamethrower mounted on it, or a drone crashing into a couple during their nuptials, we should be appalled. When Saudi refineries are struck – drones were allegedly involved.

The UAV industry can do a better job of promoting itself and highlighting that drones can be flown safely. Licensed drone pilots save lives every day where people and other vehicles cannot go.

Search and rescue operations regularly use Lidar and heat-sensing cameras to find missing persons in remote, densely covered areas.

Photogrammetry and Orthmosaics allow us to combine GPS geopoints with 4K photographs to create 3D models of commercial buildings, homes, golf courses, farms, ranches and much more. The resolution of these models allow an engineer or building manager to inspect in 360° revolving aspect any portion of a home or building down to the millimeter.

After a hurricane, simply run the scan again, and software will identify and highlight visible damage. Add infrared imaging and now moisture infiltration is revealed. Put a combination of these and other tools together and a tomato farmer can now identify a section of farmland that has become diseased from the comfort of his office.

For realtors, footage from one of our commercial grade Hexcopters with a 4k camera in the hands of our talented video editors can help showcase a home or commercial building in new and exciting ways.

While others may offer this service, our work is professionally edited, color corrected and optimized. Many homeowners, building managers and HOAs are now proactively mapping their buildings.

These highly detailed, three-dimensional snapshots allow need to know parties access to up-to date, accurate data immediately and remotely.

When I am not ortho mapping, I use a specialized drone to enhance my home inspections.

Drones were employed extensively in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. They are essential for search and rescue, infrastructure inspection, and post-storm damage assessment for private and public safety.

FAA Certified Remote Pilots are diligent, responsible, law abiding men and women. If you see one of us out there, please remember what you read here. Feel free to engage a drone pilot, but please wait until the bird has landed. Pilots are always happy to chat with nice people.

Reliable Inspections is Naples’ premiere home inspection company. 3D Aerial Imaging is also owned and operated by Rick Borman. We pledge to provide you our best on every inspection. We are never satisfied until you are. Our business philosophy is to combine customer-first service with a commitment to mastering the high tech tools that provide more complete information and accurate analysis.

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