Keep Learning Alive During the Summer

Every year, most students in the United States attend school for 180 days. Some school districts attend a few more days, others attend a few less. During that time, most students progress along a learning journey and grow in terms of knowledge and skills. However, when summer break comes along, the formal learning process often ends, and some students begin to show learning losses.

Each year as Summer approaches, parents start to plan for their children’s days without a school schedule. Plans for days filled with family, friends, freedom, and laughter are in students’ heads as they say goodbye to another school year. However, a summer without at least a few learning opportunities built in can cause students at every grade level to lose two to three months of academic skills.

This is also known as the “summer slide.

“We know that to succeed in school and in life, all children and young adults need ongoing opportunities to learn and to practice essential skills. This is especially true during the summer months.

While summer vacation is a time for students to recharge their batteries and have some fun, it is also very important that parents and caregivers help these students return to school ready to meet the challenge of new, more difficult standards when the new school year starts in August.

Collier County Public Schools provides an online resource guide to assist parents in this endeavor entitled, “Keep Learning Alive!”

The resources were compiled by the District’s curriculum and instruction team for parents, grandparents, community members, and caregivers to assist students combat the summer slide.

For elementary students, these resources include fun reading and writing activities, math fact practice (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), online science resources, as well as topics in US History and Geography.

For secondary students (those in middle and high school), resources include reading and online math resources like Khan Academy, Algebra/Math Nation, as well as Parent Resources in CPalms.

To access all of these resources, simply visit the District website at after mid-May to find a large “Keep Learning Alive!” image that will lead visitors to a wealth of fun summer information!

Our hope is that through exercising students’ brains throughout the summer, the gains made during the schoolyear won’t be lost and they will return to school in the Fall ready to pick up where they left off!

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