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by Kelly G Cooper

Imagine1We are happy to announce Imagine Solutions will be returning to Naples for the 6th year, bringing together over 28 experts in their fields to discuss today’s most relevant subject matters and issues you most likely have not heard in the news. Imagine Solutions Conference 2016 includes seven magnificent sessions featuring 28 speakers and moderators. This is a day of inspiration that will provide you with an opportunity to interact and explore the minds of the world’s most significant and influential people across many fields. It is your opportunity to hear from this fascinating group of innovators, leaders, and people who think outside the box, making major breakthroughs for humanity.

You will leave with unforeseen connections, undeniable insight and gripping inspiration, with a whole different way of looking at life.

Imagine2The success of humanity relies on leadership. A good leader has the ability to guide others willingly in a direction that will leave them accomplished and empowered. We rely on leadership and in a time where leadership is sought after more than ever this is your opportunity to hear first hand from recognized world leaders. Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey will discuss the future of our military, strategic opportunities and challenges with foreign policy. Internationally acclaimed author David Rothkopf CEO and Editor of Foreign Policy magazine will highlight major global trends and John Andrews, co-editor of “Megachange, the world in 2050” the annual review from The Economist, will frame the 10 major issues looking out into the future.

The future of healthcare is changing around the world with inequality and rising costs. Health care is a hot topic and many of us are confused and frustrated with all the changes going on at such a fast-pace. Everyone deserves to have better patient experience and understand costs that impact their lives. A world-class panel of top leaders in healthcare, including but not limited to Dr. John Noseworthy CEO, Mayo Clinic and Dr. Paul Rothman CEO, Johns Hopkins Medicine will address the landscape of issues and opportunities in innovation in healthcare. You will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to ask experts questions and get honest answers.

Imagine3We cannot predict the future but it is fun to imagine where technology and innovation may take us. Here you will also have the opportunity to explore the minds of people who think outside the box. One of several in attendance will be co-founder of PIXAR Studios Alvy Ray Smith, whose vision creating the computer animation industry has entertained millions of people across the globe and touched everyone of us. You can meet and talk with these extraordinary and talented individuals who will stretch your mind as they share their staggering accomplishments.

If you want to make a difference this is your event! Imagine Solutions Conference 2016 will be held on February 22, 2016 from 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. located at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort. You may purchase tickets online at www.imaginesolutionsconference.com or call either 214.205.2275 or 214.215.6000 with questions. It will be a transformational day where your interests will be sparked and leave you walking out saying WOW! You will leave feel empowered with knowledge and tools to help generations to come.

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