Joel Kessler advises on The Art of Networking

Why do we network?” Some of us shy away from networking for many different reasons. Take a minute to answer these questions yourself: 

• How did you find out about your current or any previous job?
• How did you meet your spouse or significant other?
• How did you choose where you live?
• How did you decide on a vacation spot and accommodations?
• How do you find clients for your business?
• How did you find your doctor, dentist, accountant, day care provider, health club, or favorite restaurant?

When you sought advice from people you knew, when someone introduced you to a person who could help you or when someone championed your cause you were networking. Have you done the same for others, if so you were networking. You may not have realized it yet that is the essence of networking. Remember networking is not about “what’s in it for me” but how can I help someone else. It’s about giving first and realizing that we can learn from everyone we meet.

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