January 2015 – Message from the Publisher

Reg Buxton

Reg Buxton, Publisher

The New Year started with Naples buzzing with activities, and an influx of humanity, visitors wearing shorts and natives wearing coats.

Multiple dialects can be heard as relaxed visitors stroll 5th Ave, it actually seems as though we are a melting pot representing every continent.

Our restaurants and businesses are enjoying a banner season thus far, and everyone is smiling. As we sit outside eating at one of our favorite restaurants or stroll through shops and art galleries, the same common denominator exists.

EVERYBODY loves Naples!

What a privilege it is to live and work in a community that seems to be a magnet for the world. Our cherished city attracts and retains the brightest, most interesting people. Each one has lived a life that could be a bestselling book, I ask, can any other area duplicate this? We all live here for the small town charm, and an ambiance of a favorite vacation spot.

We also live here because it is an active and vibrant community comprised of people who care about each other and exhibit support for those in need.

If you haven’t been to the beach lately then take time to do so, thanks to the recent renourishment they are better than ever. With our collective group of leaders ensuring that we maintain our way of life: making public safety a priority, updating the infrastructure, maintaining pristine beaches, we will continue to attract new business and full time citizens. We are happy to welcome seasonal visitors and tourists alike, enjoy your winter just like the rest of us will.

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