Is Fine Jewelry on your Holiday Hit Parade?


Sure, you could adorn yourself in a blinking Christmas tree brooch . . . or any festive and whimsical holiday accessory. No judgement here. But we have a better idea to consider that will have you humming holiday tunes while enjoying your jewelry the rest of the year too.

What’s Not to Celebrate?                                                                                                                                                  We all like to celebrate; Christmas and Hanukkah are at the top of our best-days each year. This season, why not give a nod to your holiday of choice with jewelry in the colors typical of each? It’s a subtle nod to be sure— but green and red and clear blue are jewelry tones that brighten any wardrobe and allow you to enjoy them all year long.

Three artists; Three Interpretations                                                                                                                                                         Florida-based jewelry artist Karen Tweedie’s (Karen Tweedie Jewelry Design) lively red bangle from her Rosso, Rojo, Red!  collection lends a casual elegance with just the right color punch to enliven any woman’s wardrobe. “There’s nothing shy about this cheerful red,” she says. “Red goes with so many clothing colors, and it can add zip to just about any outfit,” Tweedie explains.

Designer Richard Rothenberg, (The Rothenburg Collection) based in Los Angeles understands how color can transport us to where we long to be. His stylish blue topaz ring is just the ticket to carry you through Hanukkah and beyond. “The stresses of the holidays can be remedied by blue skies, blue waters and of course a gorgeous blue topaz,” he claims.

While jeweler Laura Jackowski-Dickson (LJD Designs) may be based in Florida, her reach is global; much like her international upbringing. Drawing from her rich experience of living in exotic regions around the globe, Jackowski-Dickson’s jewelry is also infused with a distinctly storied vibe. Her gold and silver Green Goddess statement pendant weaves a harmonious union of green gems with accent diamonds as “a tribute to the Deco era,” she says.

Make Memories
We found each of these pieces to be fresh and welcoming; all able to tell the story you chose this holiday season. Whatever you
celebrate, and however you do—we wish you sparkling days and dazzling memories. Cheers!

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