Interview with Chairman of Collier Republican Party

Collier County does carry the State of Florida in winning elections

Russell Tuff
Collier County Republican Executive Committee

What is the current political makeup of Collier County?

As of November 25, 2019, there are 105,068 Republicans, 47,911 Democrats, and 50,085 No Party Affiliation voters in Collier County for a total registered voter count of 201,279.

What does the Collier County Republican Executive Committee do for the Republican Party in the election their candidates?

The Major Party Executive Committees are the only organizations allowed to spend more than $500 in an election. All other political groups are limited to $500 due to the McCain-Feingold law passed in 2002.

In order to be called a “Republican” organization, the group must be sanctioned through the local executive committee or a sanctioned national organization. Trump clubs may be initiated, and we encourage participation, but those groups can’t legally fund more than $500 towards election campaigning.

The Republican National Committee is broken into state committees including the Republican Party of Florida. The Republican Party of Florida is then broken down into 67 counties, each of which has their own Republican Executive Committee.

Republican Women at the Naples July 4th Parade

Each Republican Executive Committee is tasked with supporting and endorsing party leadership who share our common values of:

  1. Respect for the Constitution
  2. Respect of Life
  3. Limited Government
  4. Personal Responsibility

During the last election, Florida Senator Rick Scott won by just 10,033 votes. Governor Ron DeSantis won by 32,463 votes.

Collier carried the Florida election by delivering Republican votes with a margin of 54,000 over Democrats. Neither DeSantis or Scott would have won without Collier’s votes.

Collier Republicans had over a 90% voter turnout in the last election. To win this year, Republicans must garner their gains from No Party Affiliates and disgruntled or“soft” Democrats.

The presidency can’t be won in 2020 if the candidate doesn’t take Florida.

Our task for the 2020 election cycle is to capture an additional 20,000 margin over the 2018 election cycle. The task will be to reach the 50,000 No Party affiliates in Collier.

In addition, the Hispanic and Haitian populations will be targeted as their traditional cultures and values match the Republican values stated above. They are strong faith-based populations as is the Republican party.

Dennis Hahn and Connie Ross preparing to board the ship for the annual the Elephant Cruise

Republicans intend to reach these voters by voter registration, door hangers, electronic marketing, and direct mail.

In addition, new Republican clubs have been started this year including an Hispanic Republican Club, and the launch of a Faith Engagement effort.

In Collier County, there are two Women’s Republican Clubs, one Men’s Republican Club, as well as the non-gender based Naples Republican Club and Republican Club of South Collier.

If you want to support getting Trump and other Republicans to stay in office, the Republican Party of Collier County can use your time, talents and treasures.

To learn more about Collier County Republican Executive Committee and other Republican clubs and how you can get engaged, go to

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    Michael Paris (The Collector) says:

    I’d like to hope everyone in the Paris Family steps up to support having a strong and safe Florida by supporting what I believe is the only Party capable of giving Florida continued prosperity.


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