By Rick Borman

Most of us will go to our primary care physician at least every year if not more often.

The doctor will likely perform a battery of tests, check vital statistics and notate a host of observations designed to capture an accurate snapshot of our overall health on that day.

These baseline results are particularly valuable when compared to prior and future findings. Should the physician discover something unexpected, he or she will discuss the diagnosis and explore the next steps with you. You make informed choices together within the context of the situation at hand.

What if I told you that you and your Naples home would profoundly benefit from a similar regiment of regular checkups? Much like humans, more in-depth inspections are usually not required when younger. As yet unscathed by the fate of inevitable deterioration that waits every structure ever built.

In the case of a home, I recommend a home check-up every five years from the original build date and then every five years thereafter. The process is designed to be routine, affordable, and identify problems often before they manifest and saving a client unwelcome headaches.

If your house or apartment is a bit older and has not had a visit from a home inspection professional, do not be discouraged. It is rarely too late to get ahead of the curve.

For our part and to better serve our community, Reliable Inspections of Naples offers our “Planned Home Maintenance Inspection and Report”.

Under this protocol, the inspection process is streamlined to seek out items that typically age earlier than other systems or components. This is different than the typical real estate home inspection, which concerns itself primarily with material defects that affect value or might pose a safety threat. While we will be alert for those, our inspection includes roofing, plumbing, fixtures, electrical, AC systems, and more.

Another layer of insight is added by specifically seeking out smaller future repairs along with any major concerns. We may find a loose cabinet door or a section of separating crown molding.

Our goal, once the examination is complete, is to present an easy to follow set of prioritized maintenance and repairs.

We will include a list of your appliances and fixtures, the year of manufacture and life expectancy based on proven industry data.

As your advocate, we cannot perform any repairs. Our job is to observe and provide an unbiased forecast of routine maintenance and help you prioritize needed repairs for your home.

Preserving your equity and allowing you to relax with a worry free plan is how we fulfill that mission.

The “Planned Home Maintenance Inspection and Report” is delivered to you as a printed and indexed report supported by photos, shop drawings when helpful and common term explanations.

Immediate priorities are separated from less pressing repairs. File the report, if you like, and refer to the checklists at your leisure.This report puts you squarely in the driver’s seat and in the know regarding your home’s health scorecard.

Southwest Florida is the greatest place in the United States to live and play. Neapolitans take extraordinary pride in their homes. Yet, Southwest Florida weather and exposure to extreme elements are notoriously brutal on exterior elements of your home, your appliances and even your interior plumbing and light fixtures.

Let’s work together to make planned home repairs an organized and effective approach to Life in Naples.

Rick Borman, Owner, Reliable Inspections of Naples and 3D Aerial Imaging , 239.778.1176 ,

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