IMAGINE SOLUTIONS CONFERENCE 2021 change is the new normal

Dear Friends,

Randy Antik

Over the last few months, we faced an important decision—the same decision faced by many Southwest Florida organizations and institutions, and thought leader conferences around the world—do we go forward or do we cancel?

We choose to MAKE A DIFFERENCE as we have for the past decade. We are thrilled to announce that in 2021, the Imagine Solutions Conference will be compelling, inspiring, fascinating, and virtual. Now, more than ever, BIG IDEAS are important.

• Easy to Register, Easy to Watch

• Beginning February 22, 2021, Imagine Solutions Conference will present an outstanding lineup of 20+  speakers in six (6) sessions over six (6) days

• Each session will stream on our website for 60-90 minutes daily

• Registered attendees can watch the sessions at either 4pm or 7pm

Our experts will address twelve essential topics with an eye to the future and how the “New Normal” will likely affect us all: Education, Science & Technology, The Military, Medicine, History, Finance, Race and Gender, The Arts, Change Makers, Ideas Solving Problems, and the World in 2021 & Beyond, plus amazing people with interesting stories to tell.

We will bring our Imagine Solutions Conference into your living room for your enrichment, education and enjoyment on your own or with small groups of friends—virtually! We look forward to having you join us as we present our first virtual Imagine Solutions Conference during this unprecedented time in history.

Our Best,
Randall Antik – CEO, Imagine Solutions Conference


• Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education

• Four-Star Admiral and CNO of the U.S. Navy

• President of the Brookings Institute

• President of the World Bank

• A First—the Biomedical Genius Cluster— 9 of the World’s Most Outstanding Biomedical Research Labs within a Square Mile in Cambridge, Massachusetts

• Managing Director, MacArthur Fellows and 100&Change, and CEO of Lever for Change—a Groundbreaking Initiative in Partnership with Melinda Gates and Mackenzie Bezos

• Meet Molly Bloom of “Molly’s Game”

• History of Inventions – America’s Secret Sauce

• History of Rock & Roll

• Dean, Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

• Founders of OCCRP – a Global Network of Investigative Journalists who Uncovered the Panama Papers, The Russian Billionaires Laundromat, The Mexican Cartel Wars

• Executive Editor, The Economist

Starting February 22, 2021
$200 per person
FREE to Our Heroes Scholarship Attendees
Register now!

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