Hurricane Ian and Ultimate Garages

As Hurricane Ian approached Southwest Florida, residents were preparing. Many evacuated, most tried their best to secure their loved ones, home, and valuables. Cars were felt secure inside private garages attached to homes and throughout various garages and man-caves throughout the area. The majority of cars were left in low level parking areas and parking garages next to high rise buildings along the shore. These cars were no match for the 10-15 feet of surge that came in some areas.

A little over 5 years ago, the creative planning of a local cardiologist and car enthusiast felt there was a need for a facility that would protect cars in Southwest Florida from wind and surge. The construction of Ultimate Garages was completed 3 years ago in Naples, Florida. A 57,000 square foot building made of concrete and steel having a wind rating of over 170 miles per hour and a climate controlled storage area 30 feet above sea level. Its design had one purpose; to protect vehicles from the devastation of a storm such as Ian.

People who knew about Ultimate Garages started preparing for the 2022 hurricane season as early as January. Reserving space from June 1 through November 30. They knew that if any storm came during that time, they had a space reserved for their vehicle. People also knew that if they did not reserve a space but a storm was approaching, they would be able to get a space urgently, assuming space was available.

As it became apparent that Hurricane Ian’s cone of uncertainty had Southwest Florida in its tracks, calls started coming in to Ultimate Garages. Cars were being brought in daily with the hope that they would remain safe. When it was all said and done, approximately $90-$100 million in car valuation was safe and

Images started coming in after Ian, revealing significant flood  damage to homes and automobiles. Million dollar cars submerged in the waters. The early estimate is that 350,000 vehicles may have been damaged from the storm. As for those at Ultimate Garages? Not one car experienced flood water or structural damage. 100% remained safe and secure. This was a true automobile survival story.  239-682-6599

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